Willem Besselink

Willem Besselink









2003 – 2006    Fine Arts, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam / NL
                        graduated with honours
2005                Fine Arts, Universität der Künste, Berlin / NL
2002 – 2003    Mathematics, Humboldt Universität, Berlin / NL
2000 – 2002    Scenography, Academy Minerva, Groningen / NL

lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

prizes / nominations / grants / scholarships / residencies
2013    Nominated for the Royal Dutch award for Painting
            Shortlisted for the Charlotte van Pallandt prize
2012    Artist in Residence, (Mondrian Fund) IK pavillion, Oost Souburg /
            Artist in Residence, Ampelhaus, Oranienbaum / GER
2011    Research Grant, (O&O-subsidie) Centre for Visual Arts (CBK)
            Rotterdam / NL
2010    Project Grant, The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design
            and Architecture
            Artist in Residence, Hotel Mariakapel, Hoorn / NL
2007    Starters Grant, The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts,
            Design and Architecture
2006    Drempelprijs 2006 / Award of the Thershold 2006 encouragement
            prize for most promising graduate from the city of Rotterdam
2005    Erasmus Exchange scholarship

solo exhibitions

2014   Unfair Amsterdam, Art Fair, Unfair, Amsterdam / NL
           Piswaaier, site specific installation in public space, Rotterdamse
           Museumnacht, Rotterdam / NL
2013   Late Nights and Early Mornings
Kunstraum, London / UK
           Profiler, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam / NL
2012   6500 : 1, IKpavillion, Oost Souburg / NL
2011    Lego Homines, De Aanschouw, Rotterdam / NL
           Varios Barrios, ARCO art fair Madrid with MKgalerie, Madrid / ESP
2010   Kiezwege Berlin, SenatsReserveSpeicher, Berlin / GER
           Hardlink - No Holds Barred, Art Amsterdam, RAI, Amsterdam / NL
           >rHe:ID2, Museumnacht Delft, Museum het Prinsenhof, Delft / NL
2009   Kiezwege Rotterdam, MKgalerie, Rotterdam / NL
           >RE:ID, public art project, Rotterdamse Museum Night 2009,
           Rotterdam / NL
2007   Een grafische weergave van een geschiedenis. Moira, Utrecht / NL
2005   Berlin – Rotterdam 25 x 25; 125 x 6; wo bin ich / waar zou ik zijn
           Het Plafond, Rotterdam / NL

group exhibitions

2014   If Paradise is Half as Nice #3, ehemalige Getreidemühle, Leipzig /
           PostIndustriale – der Raum, Leipzig / GER
           Connected [email protected], Galerie Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam / NL     
           Beeldentun Ravesteyn, landgoed Ravesteyn, Heenvliet / NL
           Figure That, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam / NL
           Update #1, Wiebengahal, Maastricht / NL
           Imaging Agent, PIT @ Park, Tilburg / NL
           Balanceren tussen zout en zoet, Bewaerschole, Burgh Haamstede
           / NL
           Beyond the Picturesque of Perspective, Pand Paulus, Schiedam /
           If Paradise is half as nice    , Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam / NL
2013   The Eye of the Beholder, Art Affairs Gallery, Amsterdam / NL
           Paradise is half as nice #2, 
Ehemalige Heeresbäckerei, Leipzig /
 + Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin / GER

           Royal Dutch Award for Painting, Paleis op de Dam, Amsterdam /

           Hello!, Hello art fair, with galerie Frank Taal, Halle 14, Spinnerei,
           Leipzig / GER
Idiopolis, REMAP 4, frontviews temporary, Athens / GR
Fit for a King, Ampelhaus, Oranienbaum / GER    
           6500 : 1, Art at the Warehouse, art fair, with galerie Frank Taal,
           Rotterdam / NL
2012   Hemelse Gewelven, Het Plafond, Rotterdam / NL
           Figure This, galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam / NL
          Aus der Zeit, frontviews temporary, Berlin / GER
          Perennial Conceits, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam / NL
          Lijnen/Banen, ZigZagCity architecture festival, Rotterdam / NL
          MK Award Fundraiser Show, RE:Rotterdam, Rotterdam / NL
          Out of Control, Nest, The Hague / NL
2011  Every Picture Tells a Story, TENT, Rotterdam / NL
          Thuis, Frank Taal’s home, Rotterdam / NL
2010  Herdefinities, MKgalerie Rotterdam / NL
          Mining, Hotel Mariakapel, Hoorn / NL
          MY public space / ‘... to find emptiness in cityscapes’, Gemak, The
          Hague / NL
2009  Take a Breath – Atem Holen, MKgalerie, Berlin / GER
          Kappalai, De Geertruida, het Havenmuseum, Rotterdam / NL
          Het SieboldHuis, Leiden / NL
          Sneak preview, Senatsreserverspeicher, Berlin / GER
          222VOLT, Ateliers 222, Dordrecht / NL
          Nuit des Musées, with Marc Klee, Musée des Beaux-Arts,
          Chambéry / F
          weben&kleben – weven&kleven – tisser&scotcher, with Marc Klee,
          Cité des Arts; Chambéry/France    
2008  Armut macht Geil, WEI and TAC, Eindhoven / NL
          Die fünfte Ecke, Uferpalast, Berlin / GER
          vlak naast 1, Kunstkerk, Dordrecht / NL
2007  Research center DOSIS: ‘The influence of abstract stimulants        
          on the functioning of groups’, Research / exhibition / seminar; NP3,
          Groningen / NL
          Heavy Rotation, Uferpalast, Berlin / GER
          Planet Prozess, SenatsReserveSpeicher, Berlin / GER
          Transposed & Illuminated, Pictura, Dordrecht / NL
2006  Destillaat 9, Exrapool; Nijmegen / NL
          Positioning System – whereareyou iamhere hereweare
          Showroom MAMA; Rotterdam / NL
          BoulevArt, kunstroute Tussendijken, De Kunstsuper, Rotterdam /
          ArtOlive Jong Talent 2006, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam / NL
          Punten en Komma’s, Pictura, Dordrecht / NL
2005  ‘Polysphäre; künstlerische Positionen zur Großstadt’             
          Ex-White Trash, Berlin / GER



As a visual artist Willem Besselink is fascinated by the underlying patterns that lie hidden under trivial occurrences in everyday life.

He observes, registers and visualizes these occurrences, resulting in art works in a wide range of media.

Besselink’s fascination ranges from industrialized design of public space, to how he himself, his personal measurements fit the industrialized measurements around him. From the perfect carpet-like patterns busy traffic junctions might resemble, to the routes he takes as a participant of the local traffic. From the amount of red-jacketed shoppers on main street or the pattern that appears in his colour coded calendar.
He observes all this, and uses these data as input for his works.
This results in autonomous drawings, paintings and objects; and site-specific installations in which the observed data of this space is directly ploughed back into the site.

Patterns that might not stand out become visible, and keep occurring in every day life once one has become aware.