Marc Klee

Marc Klee


1977 / 07......................... born in Potsdam, Germany
2000 / 10..........................studies of literature, history and philosophy at  
                                         Humboldt- Universität, Berlin
2003 / 10 .........................studies of Fine Art and Arthistory at Universität  
                                         der Künste Berlin (UdK)  
2006 / 01-07.....................studies at Universidad de Complutense,
2008 / 01 .........................graduated (Master) for Fine Art at Universität
                                         der Bildenden Künste Berlin and permission for
                                         Meisterschüler –studies (Masterclass - Post
                                         Graduation Degree)                                       
2008-2009........................Masterclass at Universität der Künste Berlin
2009 / 07..........................Masterclass Post Graduation Degree at class of
                                         Prof. Frank Badur at Universität der Künste
since 2009 as free artist
2009 / 11...........................member of Artitude e.V.
since 2010 / 03.................member of BBK Berlin, Member of KSK 
since 2012 / 03..................member of frontviews

Marc Klee lives and works in Berlin.

prices / grants / permissions for contests
2012 / 07        „Kunst am Bau“ - Project Staatsarchiv Landshut, final
2011 / 09        shortlist Space Art Award
2006 / 01-07   Erasmusgrant
2011 / 06-12   Working Grant of Berliner Senats für Bildende Kunst

2014 / 04 /         „Auslage III“, Lage Egal, Berlin
2014 / 02 /         „Present“, Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin

2013 / 10 /         „A marked preference for“, Glogau Air, Berlin
2013 / 09 /         „Idiopolis“, Remap 2013, Athen

2012 / 07 /         „Staatsarchiv Landshut“, “Kunst am Bau” – competition,
         / 05 /         “Slideshow”, curated by frontviews- collective, Berlin und
         / 03 /         “Golden Triangle“, Performance, Chambery, France
         / 02 /         “Golden Triangle“, Performance, Lyon, France
         / 01 /         “Selected Artists 2011”, working grants exhibition of
                            Berliner Senats, Berlin 2011, NGBK , Berlin

2011 / 09 /         „Koordinaten des Körpers“, curated by Martin Steffens,
                           Kunstraum T27, Kunstverein Neukölln, Berlin
         / 09 /          Tape Modern: „Curators Choice“, curated by Amir Fattal,
                           Galerien Heidestraße, Berlin
         / 07 /          “Zwischenbrand – Interburning”, Dockville - Festival for
                            Arts and Music, curated by Elisabeth Desta, Doro Fesch
                            und Alisa Ehlert, Hamburg     
         / 07 /         „Kunstparcour“, Landart- und Bildhauersymposium, Bad
         / 04 /         „Luxus Loft“, curated by Johannes Buss and Jessica     
                           Buhlmann, Studiohouse Friedenstraße, Berlin
         / 04 /         „Carlo Bottigelli zeigt“, curated by Carlo Bottigelli and
                           Jessica Buhlmann, Atelierhaus Friedenstraße, Berlin
        / 03 / 04     Tape Modern: „Destructionconstruction“, curated by Amir
                           Fattal and Daniel Kingery, Galerien Heidestraße, Berlin

2010 / 12 / 11    “Rotunde”, temporary installation, Berlin
         / 08 /         “Grand Salon - All sizes fits all”, Mkgalerie, Berlin
         / 05 /         „borderlessness“, curated by Karmin Kartowikromo,
                           MKgalerie, Berlin
         / 02 /        „APPARTEMENT,Prenzlauerallee 242“, Taken For
                          Stranger, curated by Gabriel Braun and Stephan Köhler,
                          APPARTEMENT, Berlin*  

2009 / 11 /       „Henselmannturm“, imnamendesraumes; Berlin*
         / 10 /       „Service 2“, curated by Willem Besselink and Guus
                         Vreeburg, Het Plafond, Rotterdam, Holland *
         / 09 /       „Talpas Labyrinth“, curated by Johannes Bittmann, Anke
                         Göhring and Stephan Köhler, 06. Kunstsalon, Berlin
         / 07 /       „Meisterschülerausstellung“ Udk, Berlin
         / 05 /       „La nuit de les musées“, curated by Sandrine Lebrune,
                         Musée des Beaux-arts Chambery, Frankreich **
         / 05 /       „weben und kleben / weven en kleven / tisser e scotcher“,
                         curated by Sandrine Lebrune, Cité des Artes Chambery,
                         France **
         / 02 / 3    Tape Modern: „Outside“, curated by Amir Fattal, Galerien
                        Heidestraße, Berlin

2008 / 09 /       „Die fünfte Ecke“, curated by Gabriel Braun, Alexander
                         Wagner and Stephan Köhler, Uferhallen Wedding, Berlin
         / 07 / 16  „Udk-Rundgang 2008", Berlin                              
         / 06 /       „Neukölln Exquisit“, curated by Martin Steffens, 48
                         Stunden Neukölln, Berlin
         / 03 /       „Die Besten 2008“, Akademie Faber Castell, Nürnberg
         / 01 /       „Absolventen Ausstellung der Udk“, Berlin

2007 / 08 /        „Planet Prozess", curated by Lutz Henke, Leo Schöpflin
                          und Stephan Köhler, Artitude e.V., Senatsreserven-
                          speicher, Berlin
         / 07 / 15   „UdK-Rundgang 2007", Berlin
         / 05 / 23   „drifter", curated by Martin Steffens, 48 STD Neukölln,
         / 05 /        „mention", temporary gallery, Berlin
         / 01 /        „Multiples-Vielfaches", curated by Sandrine Lebrune, Cité
                          des Artes Chambery, France
2005 / 07 / 14   „UdK-Rundgang 2005"
         / 06 /        „City of Names" , curated by Thomas Bratzke and Tu
                          Nyguen, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
2004 / 07 / 13   „UdK-Rundgang 2004", Berlin
         / 03 / 02   „..auf Papier", Klasse Badur, Berlin
2003 / 09 /       „Renoventa", Alt Novawes, Potsdam
         / 05 /       „Young Primitives", Brügge Belgium
         / 02 /       „Monotöne", curated by Lutz Henke and Leo Schöpflin,
                         Waschhaus, Potsdam
2002 / 08 /       „Eyeland", curated by Rayk Goetze, Wilhelmgalerie,
                                                                                                                              * solo / ** duo


Marc Klee's artwork is an investigation into public spaces. He develops strategies of intervention in the gallery space or diverse other places of the city. Born in East Germany and raised as a child of refugees in West Germany, Klee started as a graffiti writer, seeking constantly for new possibilities for interventions in urban space. After studies in philosophy and history, he finished an art degree at UdK.

 His work in most cases is a site-specific installation that begins with mapping the space and analysing its given materials, proportions, colour, usage and history. Taking into consideration all these existing facts, Klee is then processing it into a two-dimensional drawing, which later is translated into a three-dimensional construction that rearranges the space. The materials that he uses for this rearrangement are mostly taken from the builders world, like different kinds of tapes, straps, tension belts, ropes and measuring laser. This unique language of materials adds a tension inside the space that on one hand, suggests a state of an in-between process on a verge of transformation into a new aesthetics an on the other hand, challenges the viewer’s own sense of perspective.

The space where his work is taking place can be consider as non-space, like facades of abandoned buildings, empty shops, dead entrances, waste lands. Or it can be collective determined places: a former school building, a museum, galleries, nightclubs, a festival, project spaces or even a hospital. In the work ‘Position 14’ Klee takes a street corner and opens up a conversation with the public and other anonymous street artists. The process begins with the first layer painted over the wall presenting a simple and clean minimal form. In the course of weeks a photographic documentation is created, where more layers add up over the surface such as contribution of street artists, wear and tear due to the outdoor climate, street advertisment/stickers and additional layers contributed by Klee himself. The result is a testament of a collective effort and a visual struggle taking place in an urban environment between pure minimal form and everything else that exist on street level.

In the work ‘liquidation total’ that was first exhibited in Tape club, Klee is using found materials from the clubs storage in combination with four measuring lasers to create a large cross installation. In this case the found material are old and used fridges, aluminium stands for ‘velvet- rope’ and chrome ashtrays. The form of the crosses of the lasers is repeated by the large cross, which is created by the socking up of the fridges. The fantastic reflection of the red laser onto the silvery inner surface of the fridges and objects make almost a futuristic sleek effect that come as a contradiction to the monumental memory of bygone parties and the dead residue of the night life.

Amir Fattal